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Italian Alps Wedding Experience

The Wedding as you dreamed it, if you dreamed it on the snow. Because those who love red cheeks from the cold and smile by mirroring themselves in icicles can only get married in the mountains.  Our mountain, here in Livigno, are made specially to communicate beauty, in the eyes and on the skin.

The snow crunch under the shoes in winter, the greenery and the first scents of spring, the windy and illuminated days during summer and the sun warming red leaves in autumn.
A background for pictures? An atmosphere? Much, much more. Our mountains give life and substance to a day that could not be more beautiful. We put our experience, the warmth of locations, the attention to those little details that create a memorable wedding and turn it into THE wedding.

The special day is always important, but here with us, in Livigno it is intimate and special and authentic and warm because we are like this: and when you get married, every time, we get married as well.

Yes, I do!

Extaordinary, unexpected, simply beautiful: this is how you are dreaming about your wedding, and this is the place where we want to welcome you.

A palce far from common places, in an unexpected corner of the Italian Alps.



With us, all couples can choose the ritual that they feel closest to their heart, their faith, their beliefs.
The solemnity of a religious ceremony, the official of a civil ceremony, the spontaneity of a symbolic ceremony: together we celebrate the ever new shine of feelings.


An intimate party like Stua da Legn, elegant like Stua Granda, fabulous like Domenia Lounge terrace, amazing like our main restaurant. 

No matter what wedding you are imagining, we will always have the right space to share your joy.

Fantastic, simply wonderful!

People's hospitality and warmth will always be in our hearts.

Francesco & Giulia




To accommodate you and your guests we have 65 rooms available, all different, all perfect. An essential quality inspires modern forms and creates a pleasant atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. That you can fully enjoy in our Mandira SPA.


Moments from which joy spreads: here we do not need words.


Hi, I'm Rebecca: I'm a wedding planner and I will be  at your complete disposal. By your side, or rather a step forward you to turn everything you are dreaming into reality.

Prepare warm sweaters and comfortable shoes, call all the people you care about and join me.

The most beautiful day is here waiting for you!

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