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Your accommodation in the Italian Alps

Open your eyes; it is very early but a delicate light already fills the room. The bed is so comfortable that you delay just for a bit to enjoy it a little longer, but no, today you have to get up. 
A long breath that smells of wood and you knock down your feet which will land on a warm cloud. You go to the window: tyou are enchanted, there is only nature around you and your eyes rise from a sweet plateau up towards high peaks caressed by the first rays of sun. 

You turn around and see an elegant, perfectly ironed dress hanging; next to your beautiful new boots.

An emotion surprises you:

oh yes, today you are getting married!...

If you imagine waking up on your wedding day like this and want to give your guests moments of true well-being, we have 65 rooms for you. Our hotel is nestled in one of the most beautiful views of the Italian Alps, surrounded by meadows in summer and snow in winter; away from stress but not from comfort. 

From tradition we have preserved the spirit of a sober quality, which inspires modern forms and gives life to a pleasant atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

Our Rooms

A small town in the middle of the Italian Alps surrounded by green meadows in good season and ski slopes in winter. A town with 65 doors that open onto all different backgrounds, all perfect.
There are rooms that are almost small houses and can accommodate whole families. There are luxurious and romantic retreats where you can admire the stars while relaxing in a large tub.
There are even seven rooms in which to find harmony thanks to the furnishings designed according to the principles of feng-shui.
town called Hotel Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort that will conquer you and your guests.

Natural Mountain Wellness

Would you like to fully experience all the emotions of the wedding, except stress? We are on your side!
Not only we take care of everything, but we have what needs to live every moment in complete relaxation. The mountain is our best ally: we have brought to our SPA all the benefits of the environment in which we live. In our Apotheke, the old wooden log pharmacy, we preserve the wild herbs with which we treat any discomfort. One of our beautiful alpine lakes instead inspired us a salt water tub able of regenerating the body like a cool oasis after a walk. 

And if you want to take time for two, away from the preparations and the guests ...

well, we have thought of this too: you just have to take refuge in our PRIVATE SPA.

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