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Yes, I do... as you want to!

Marriage is the perfection which love aimed at.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each form of ritual celebrates a transformation.

The mountains around us are transformed every day and teach us how much beauty there is in change.  In streams that slowly dig the rock, in snow that first covers and then reveals, in leaves which turn from intense green to yellow and then red

The strength of the elements transform the most impressive mountains.

The same strength and beauty of your love, capable of transforming two people and bringing them together in a single adventure; a love that deserves to be celebrated in the most authentic way.
This is why we want all couples could choose the ceremony they feel that is closest to their heart, their faith and their beliefs. The solemnity of a religious ceremony, the official nature of a civil ceremony or the spontaneity of a symbolic ceremony. With us you will meet an intimate context and an authentic dimension.
Livigno is happy to host your unique moment in the S. Maria church, the church where the whole town is gathered, or in the small S. Rocco church for religious ceremonies. In the municipal house, where the mayor offers you the choice of three different spaces for the civil ceremony or with the complete freedom of a symbolic rite ceremony. Get married in our hotel, on the terrace or why not, in our wine cellar surrounded by the warm joy of the bottles of wine; in the middle of nature, in the buzz of a summer field, in the magic of an autumn sunset or in the suspended silence of a snowfall.

Rites and symbols that know how to convey the ever new splendor of feelings.

Symbolic Ceremony

Bounded by a special person, with your promises, and a ritual that speaks of you in breathtaking scenery. Your own wedding.

Civil Ceremony

The municipal house of Livigno will welcome you with warmth; making your official tie will be a moment of pure joy.

Religious Ceremony

Treasure chests of beauty, history, tradition, Santa Maria Nascente and San Rocco churches host religious ceremonies in Livigno in a solemn recollection.

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